More than an adjustment.


The Wellness Way is comprised of highly skilled chiropractors trained in a variety of proven techniques to optimize how your body functions. Chiropractic care is more than the adjustment at The Wellness Way. Chiropractic addresses the root causes of inflammation, specifically traumas, toxins and thoughts. These 3 T’s are foundational to uncovering what is getting in the way of your body functioning to its potential.

Traumas can be anything big or small that affects the physical body. They may be recent or from a much earlier time in your life. Examples include car accidents, sports injuries, poor posture and many others. Traumas are best addressed through regular chiropractic adjustments.

Toxins are items that come from external sources that contribute to a compromised ability for our organs, tissues and cells to work normally. Examples of toxins includes medications, foods and beverages, cosmetics, environmental pollutants and many others. Detoxification is an important phase of our care at The Wellness Way.

Thoughts are anything that relates to mental or emotional stress. This area affects each person to a certain degree, but it has the ability to create the most dramatic health issues, especially in women. We approach thoughts by identifying controllable versus uncontrollable stressors and apply appropriate stress reduction strategies.


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