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Our Philosophy


Pioneering new concepts in healthcare by redefining wellness for the entire world

Mission Statement

The Wellness Way Approach recognizes the inherent, God-given ability of the body to heal. Our unique standard of “We Don’t Guess… We Test!” allows us to confidently empower patients to achieve their highest potential.

By creating a network of clinics that deliver superior clinical outcomes, our goal to impact communities worldwide is being realized.

We are a family of clinics offering team members opportunities for personal growth and development: where passion and purpose come together in a positive, focused environment.


Dr. Patrick Flynn is the founder and director of The Wellness Way Clinics.  He started his first clinic over 15 years ago with a vision of what health care should really be and it has blossomed into a model that others are following.  The Wellness Way currently has clinics across the United States, serving patients with a wide variety of health concerns.

Dr. Patrick’s unique approach has given him the opportunity to work with a number of well-known laboratories to develop new formulas, products, and testing to help doctors to both identify and help restore function to their patients’ bodies.

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